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Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Overdrive Classic Rock Show performed at 2007 Miramichi Rock n Roll Festival

The Overdrive Classic Rock Show was a hit at this year's Miramichi Rock n Roll Festival. While the event was forced indoors by inclement weather, a fantastic time was had by all. Young and old came dressed in 50s rock n roll atire and many tried their hand at the hula hoop. Milton Jerome of Overdrive said the young element added energy to the event and that he enjoyed seeing such young children enjoying music and costumes from the golden years of rock n roll.

ओवेर्द्रिवे क्लासिक रॉक Show

थे ओवेर्द्रिवे क्लासिक रॉक शो वास अ ह्यूज सुच्सस्स अत थिस येअर'एस मिरामिची रॉक न रोल फेस्टिवल। फॉर विडोस ऎंड फोतोस ऑफ़ थे इवेंट, चेक आउट व्व्व.अत्लान्तिच्बंड्स.कॉम । चिल्ड्रेन ऎंड अदुल्ट्स काम तो थे इवेंट इन कोस्तुमे ऎंड हद अ फंतास्तिक टिम त्र्यिंग थेइर लुक विथ थे हला हूप।