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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Insurance Elevator Pitch - A Keeper

Sometimes a catchy phrase just sticks with you. The fact that my brother Doug kept it going over the years has certainly helped but I can still hear this disability insurance salesman's deep radio style voice; "The president of the company says" and then the pitch. After quickly going through a long list of qualifying questions, he would ask; "do you want to hear the good news?" Of course we do was the expected reply. "You Qualify". If anyone knows the name of this Combine Insurance Agent that would have been travelling around the Fredericton area back in the 1980s, please refresh my memory as we'd like to give him credit.

Today, the elevator pitch is more of a story and not so polished. All said, what is your elevator pitch? We'd love to hear it or one that you like to remember from back in the day.