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Monday, 1 August 2011

U2 Moncton - 360 Tour Random Footage - One

Now a great memory, bringing U2 to Moncton obviously started as a deam for someone. Mud and rain aside, this world class event, by all accounts was a huge success. Even the likes of U2 made some new fans during the past couple of days. I know because I'm one of them. This song in particular hit home for me. So much so that I've put together a "dream theme" video using some random footage from the concert along with an acoustic cover of "One". I hope you enjoy!

U2 on Magnetic Hill - World Class Event

The U2 360 Tour Grand Finally at the Magnetic Hill Concert Site in Moncton NB, Canada was by most observations, a world class event. The "EVENT" featured every thing from an F18 Fly By to an out of this world conversation-collaboration with Mark Kelly floating weightless in the international space station. Heavy rains didn't seem to dampen enthusiasm and most fans were prepared for the ensuing mud fest. Bono made a lot of new fans and reconnected with old ones. The U2 segment was more of a love in than the typical high energy rock show Atlantic Canadian Fans have become accustomed to. All said, most people seem to enjoy the spectacle with the exception of those life long complainers. You know who you are, "laugh out lowd", as I was with one of them.

Way to go Atlantic Canada! We Rock!