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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Hamburger Song

This song was performed live last night at an MS Fundraiser Event in Moncton, NB

Atlantic Bands can hook you up with a commercial jingle or background music for your special project. The site will soon feature original Atlantic Canadian music streaming online.

I Can't Forgive Myself - Sunrise

Have you ever watched an ocean front sunrise or wished you had. It's amazing how the sun seems to part the waters appearing to rise up from the ocean bed. While the moment is nice to share with someone, it's a great time to reflect if you're on your own. The latter was the case for me but I'd like to share it with you. With the onset of winter, it's a great time to both look back and to look forward. The HD camera was down but the video came out pretty good just the same. ENJOY!

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Moncton Santa Claus Parade

2010 Moncton Santa Claus Parade:

The HD Cam was down but my Pentax Optio E80 Digital Photo Camera provided some surprisingly great video and audio captured during this annual event.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


UPDATE: Lisa Rodriguez & Radio RNR Finally Shut Down after Year Long Chase!

With both a great idea and promises of a “world-wide distribution deal”, Radio RNR & the RAWK RADIO NETWORK entice would be musicians and songwriters into a licensing agreement that provides for regular air play on their internet radio station with the song to be made available for download with a shared fee. With the initial contact coming by email, Program Director Lisa Rodriguez follows up by telephone with the great news. She advises artists that their original song has been chosen, with approximately 19 others from around the globe, to be part of the New Faces New Music compilation album promoting Indie Artists and unsigned acts. Upon reviewing the licensing agreement, that allows writers to maintain ownership of their material, artists are asked for a small fee of approximately $300. USD, payable through Paypal, to help with production costs. They are reassured that this is a small investment that would be more than recouped by promotional CDs and posters alone. Unfortunately, the CD release date passes without fanfare or further contact from anyone at Radio RNR or the so-called RAWK RADIO NETWORK. The promised release dates appear to run just past the allotted time to lodge a complaint through Paypal. Phone calls find their way to a “mail box is full” message and emails are not returned. Playing upon the writer’s dream to have their work become part of something big, the offer appears to be legitimate when associated with reputable websites Itunes and CD Baby. We have spoken to musicians who were to be part of the “New Faces, New Music” compilation album whose release dates have long since passed. There seems to be no apparent consistency in the release dates, other than noted above and some licensees have been told that they will be part of Volume II while others have been told Volume III.

This particular sketchy arrangement appears to go beyond a business gone wrong and is looking as though there is no intention of putting out further albums, all the while continuing to solicit funds from hopeful writers for future Volumes. The site continues to operate with streaming music and artist profiles remaining. There is initially no apparent reason to question the legitimacy of the project but licensees are soon disappointed, left with unanswered questions and approximately $300. less in their pockets.

While the site is currently running, we are told by an anonymous source that both the Arizona and Los Vegas Police Departments are looking into complaints. The whole scheme is very unfortunate since it appears to be a bonefide marketing campaign that would offer artists a venue for their music. The site's last event post is running a bit behind promoting August artist show cases in Las Vegas and other music hotbeds.

If you have anything you would like to add to this story, please drop us a line.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Radio - Sproll

2011 UPDATE: These are the guys that should be playing the opening set at Moncton's concert on the hill featuring U2.

Sproll - Eyes Have Spoken

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Lurch Crushes Cole Harbour

Pretty Vegas INXS Cover

A Great Rendition of Atlantic Canadian, JD Fortune's original tune. The outdoor venue shown here is actually in JD's home province of Nova Scotia, Canada.